Come to my Boudoir is a PR friendly blog. I am more than happy to work with brands, companies and other bloggers that I find fit in with the theme of my blog. If you want to discuss anything (product reviews, event invites, sponsorships or collaborations) please contact me via e-mail at !

A media kit can be provided upon request.

What does Come to my Boudoir cover?
Come to my Boudoir is a lifestyle blog that covers a large range of topics – Beauty tips, product reviews, what to watch on TV or cinema, wedding and other events planning, general tips and advice, as well as much more.


Anything sent to me for review purposes will be marked with a * and the review will be my own opinion and 100% honest.
Same goes for sponsored content.

I retain creative control over my blog and anyone I work with cannot request anything specific to be included in a post. If I do not like a product I will let you know before posting anything on Come to my Boudoir.

If I do like a product, content will not available for review before posting.

All review posts will be as organic as possible and written in the style of my choosing (i.e an item could be included in a favorites post or it could get a post dedicated to just that product)

All images and text are my own unless stated so please no stealing or copying.

From time to time Affiliate links will be used on here and on Twitter but they will only be for products I truly love.

I look forward to hearing from you!